Analyzing data is the process of interpreting the meaning of the data collected, organized and displayed in the form of table or graphs. The process involves finding patterns, similarities, relationships etc. Analyzing data is not simple. It is a tedious work and little time consuming.

Data analysis is important to make predictions and inferences based on the data and it is a critical skill to develop. It helps in suggesting conclusions and decision making, and is crucial to the development of theories and new ideas.

Analyzing data requires attention to detail and a relaxed frame of mind. Objective should be very specific and a clear idea of what evaluation questions you want the data to answer and, the choice of appropriate statistical method to be used should be known. When the data is assumed to follow a normal distribution in each group, parametric method is to be used. Non parametric test or distribution free methods are used when the data doesn't follow normal distribution.

Analysis of data is based on three decision criteria - number of groups, data type and assumption of normal distribution (whether the data is normal or not).