Number is an abstract concept rather than a physical characteristic, it cannot be touched, but it can be represented by the objects. It can be used to count or measure a quantity. There are different numbers and number operations.

The basic number operations are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

These number operations are part of everyday life for everyone. In each event one will make use either one of the operations. In this section we will be learning more about numbers and operations.

Addition is an important basic operation in mathematics that represent combined collection of all objects together into a larger collection. That is total of all numbers. It is represented by the plus sign (+). The answer for addition of two numbers gives the 'Sum'.
Example: Addition of $3$ with $5$ gives the sum as $8$

$3 + 5 = 8$
Subtraction is one of the basic operations of numbers. It is a process of deducting one number from other or take away a small part from the larger part. It is signified by the negative sign (-). It is an inverse operation of addition.
Example: The subtraction of $6$ from $10$ gives the value $4$.

$10 – 6 =4$
The multiplication means that the repeated addition of numbers. It is signified by the sign ($\times$). For example, find the value of $3+3+3+3$.

This problem can be solved in two ways.

Addition: Add all the $3$s

Multiplication: There are four $3$s being added.

This is the same as $4 \times 3 = 12$.
Division can be approached from a different viewpoint. It is an inverse operation of multiplication. It may mean repeated subtraction. It is signified by the sign ($\div$).For example, we could interpret $15 \div 3$ to mean “how many $3$s are there in $15$?” We could subtract five $3$s in $15$.

This implies that $15 \div 3 = 5$.
The following examples helps as to learn more about the operations.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Find the sum of $864$ and $141$ ?


The sum $864 + 141 = 1005$

Question 2: Find the difference between the numbers $864$ and $141$?

- 141

The difference $864 -141 = 723$

Question 3: Find the product of $864$ and $10$

  x  10

 The product 864 \times 10 = 8640$

Question 4: Divide the $864$ by  $16$?


The result of $864 \div 16 = 54$