Decimal place value consists of a decimal point and numbers on both sides of decimal point. One decimal place to the left of the decimal point is the ones place and to the right of the decimal place is the tenths place. Whole numbers will be to the left of a decimal point and any numbers to the right of a decimal point are the decimal fractions.

Here is the place value chart for decimals which helps in quick learning.

In the decimal system, the value of the digits is based on the number ten.
The Number considered is 273.468 and each digit represents a different place value.

 Decimal Place Value

Writing extra zeros after the decimal point does not change the value! For example,the decimal 0.2, 0.20, and 0.200 are same.
When reading a decimal, place a number 1 under the decimal. That is, dot. Add a zero under each following number which will give the place value.

For example:
Now this can be written as
.78 = $\frac{78}{100}$
(put 1 under the decimal for each additional number we put zeroes. So now the number is 100 which is read as 78 HUNDREDTHS!)

Have a look on the number 4 to see where the decimal fall write the numbers accordingly, and you can find the Place value of the considered digit.

Hundred Thousands 400,000.0
Ten Thousands 40,000.0
Thousands 4,000.0
Hundreds 400.0
Tens 40.0
Ones 4.0
Tenths 0.4
Hundredths 0.004
Thousands 0.004
Ten Thousands 0.0004
Hundred Thousands 0.00004
Millions 0.000004

Solved Examples

Question 1: What is the place value of the '8' in the number 2.182?
The "8" in 2.182 is worth 0.08
Therefore, it is 8 hundredths.

Question 2: Type the value of the Underlined digit for the given numbers.
593 6480 and 3. 672.
593   - 30
6480  - 6000
672     - 70

Question 3: What will be the place value of 6 in the considered number 6121043.26?
The value of 6 will be 6 millions.

Question 4: What is 15.98?
On the left side, we have 15 as the whole number.
There are two digits on the right side, 9 is in the tenths place and 8 is in the hundredths position.
Therefore, 15.98 is 15 and 9 tenths and 8 hundredths.