Math word problems often intimidate students. Even to those students who are very good at Math find solving word problems difficult. This is usually because word problems require converting the problem into a mathematical equation which can be solved to arrive at an outcome. Even students who are good at Math may not always be good reading a problem and arriving at an equation. Also Word problems need a different strategy than regular math sums. To become confident and successful word problem solvers, students must be taught good problem solving strategies.

If students solve Math word problems every day, their confidence grows rapidly as they feel more confident about being able to solve them. Usually Math word problems describe real life situations most of the time, so, learning how to solve these problems helps students immensely. Math word problems are part of many standardized exams also. Students can also use online resources if they are not getting any help at home or in school. There are many online tutoring websites which specifically help students solve word problems. They can take the help of an online tutor to learn strategies to solve these problems. There are sites which offer online calculators and worksheets which can be used to practice problems. Devoting some time every day to solving word problems will make students proficient in solving them. Once students start solving these problems correctly their confidence also increases.

Rather than looking at private tutoring or learning centres, students and parents can explore a plethora of online options which are available. These include free websites with solved examples and worksheets, online calculators and also websites which have the option of posting your questions and getting answers. All these resources will make the process of learning how to solve Math word problems easy.   
Another good resources which is available on some sites is an online word problem solver. These can be free tools where students can input a problem and get answers or can also be in the form of a tutor who can work with students to solve problems quickly and easily.