In geometry, pyramid is a solid having any plane figure for its base and triangles for its sides, all terminating in one common point or vertex. If the base of the pyramid is a regular figure, the solid is called regular pyramid. If a perpendicular from its vertex falls on the center of the base, the solid is called a right pyramid, but if not, it is oblique.


There are many types of Pyramids, and they are named after the shape of their base. Pyramids are generally classified by their bases. The pyramids have square bases, are called square pyramids, a hexagonal pyramid has a base that is a hexagon and the pyramids have triangular bases called as triangular pyramids, and so on. A pyramid is a polyhedron with a polygonal base and triangular sides. A pyramid is named for the shape of its base.

Some of the polygonal pyramids are as follow:

1.Triangular Pyramid

The pyramids have triangular bases are called triangular pyramids, also known as a tetrahedron.
Triangular Pyramid

2. Square Pyramid
The pyramids have square bases are called square pyramids.

Square Pyramid

3. Pentagonal Pyramid
The pyramids have pentagonal bases are called pentagonal pyramids.

Pentagonal Pyramid