Polygons are closed figures formed by line segments. The closed nature of polygons lead to geometric measures like area and perimeter. Polygons are named based on the number of segments enclosing them and classified on the basis of equality in the measures of these line segments and how the vertices are pointing toward. Polygons can also be partitioned into smaller polygons in any manner as desired.

A polygon is a closed shape formed by a finite number of non collinear line segments all lying on the same plane. The line segments forming the polygon are called the sides of Polygon and each side intersects exactly two other sides only at their end points.
A polygon is a closed figure formed only by line segments. The sides of each angle in a polygon are called the sides of the polygon, and the vertex of each angle of the polygon is also known as a vertex of the polygon. A Polygon is named after the letters corresponding to the vertices in consecutive order.

Polygon Definition

In the above diagram a six sided polygon known as a Hexagon is shown. The vertices of the Polygon ABCDEF are A, B, C, D, E and F. The sides of the polygon are AB, BC, CD, DE, EF and FA.

In general a polygon with n sides also have n vertices and n angles.