A prism is a solid in which two congruent and parallel polygons from the top and the bottom faces. Prism are often distinguished by the shape of their base polygon. The octagonal prism is formed by square sides and two regular octagon bases. If all faces of octagonal prism are regular, it is a semiregular polyhedron.

Octagonal Prism

The octagonal prism is bounded by 2 octagonal faces and 8 squares. It has 24 edges and 16 vertices. volume of a octagonal prism is the area of hexagonal face times height.

Volume of Octagonal Prism
Volume of any prism,

Volume of a Prism = Al

Where, A is the area of base and l be the length of a prism.

In octagonal Prism,

Area of base of the octagonal prism (A) = 2ad

=> V = 2adl


Volume of Octagonal Prism = Al = 2adl

Where, A = Area of base and 'l' be length of the prism.