Graphing linear equations is pretty simple, however requires neat work to be done.
The standard form of a linear equation is y = mx + b known as the Slope Intercept form.
where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.

The coordinate system consists of a graph containing an x-axis and y-axis. Each axis will have positive and negative numbers. A point on a graph has an x-value and a y-value written as (x, y) known as coordinates of a point.Coordinates are just ordered pairs of numbers for example, (1, 7), ( -3, 8) etc.,
Coordinates always follow this order:
(x, y) <-- It's alphabetical!

To plot the point with the coordinate (7, 6) follow along the x-axis until you get 7 and then go up until you get across from the 6 on the y -axis.This is how we place the point.
Graph Plotting Points